B2B Brand Director
Yahoo B2B is focused on the DSP/SSP that delivers 5 million impressions each day. Throughout my 8-years with Verizon to Yahoo, I have had the esteemed privilege of working with some of the most talented individuals in the industry. As the internal agency for a leading Fortune 100 company, I was at the forefront of navigating multiple mergers and acquisitions, leading to no less than 6 rebranding initiatives, from Uplynk to Verizon Digital Media Services, Oath, Verizon Media, Edgecast, and ultimately, Yahoo Ad Tech.
My Contributions
This experience has taught me the invaluable lessons of process and patience, as well as the importance of a cohesive and adaptable team.

Working across strategy and product marketing teams I was able to lead the creative team in delivering globally scaled B2B campaigns, brand strategy, and messaging that consistently generated over $1B in influenced revenue annually.

Leading an in-house team of designers, writers, and developers we built global B2B brand campaigns - most recently reimagining the site to focus on generating leads and telling the complicated story of a product that can service both publishers and advertisers alike. From specialized event design to full-scale campaigns, our team did it all.


Everything from high value customer events to Las Vegas tradeshow booths. Our team created award winning opportunities for our sales team to make an impression.



A brand is much more than a logo. Working with the Consumer team we were able to create a brand that spoke across audiences. Keeping the pillars of our brand consistent.