Verizon Media

Creative Director
Verizon Media was a SaaS platform providing a full range of content management, video streaming, web & application delivery, and security services. >10K customers including the largest media and entertainment companies.
My Contributions
Served as a key leader on the marketing team with direct involvement in building the creative team, and developing and rolling out a unified brand across the company. Working closely with the Verzion corp design team we combined 3 startups to create a single SaaS platform. Through Verizon's acquisition path, we moved from Verizon Digital Media Services to Verizon Media. Pushing hard to not move toward the short-lived 'Oath" branding that came in the middle of that.


Everything from high value customer events to Las Vegas tradeshow booths. Our team created award winning opportunities for our sales team to make an impression.

Verizon's Booth at NABVerizon's Booth at IBCRendering of Verizon's Booth at NAB2nd rendering of Verizon's Booth at NAB3rd rendering of Verizon's Booth at NAB4th rendering of Verizon's Booth at NABInternal design of a TShirt for verizon and AOL when they came under one roof. Text says "the Power of One"


The best way to show complex concepts in in bite size chunks. Our goal was to make the viewer that much smarter so in the next meeting they would lead the conversation with authority.

Print ads

As the exclusive sponson of the Variety 500 award it was an opportunity to introduce our technology to the creators of the content that was now streaming across the internet. Our platform provided better quality and longer playtimes than any other product out there. We wanted the creators in our corner when decision of what their works was streaming on.